Extend A Lash FAQ 

Just imagine no more Raccoon eyes!

Q.  Can I swim?
A.  Yes, you can swim & shower after your required drying time.
Q.  How are eyelash extensions applied?
A.  Once you choose your application, style, length desired. Then you will get comfortable and the application will begin, anti-wrinkle patches will be applied to your lower eyes. Then one by one to your natural eyelashes the extension will be applied with a high quality glue, without touching your skin.
Q.  How long does it take?
A.  It takes about 2 hours for your first full set. 
Q.  How Long does the replenish take?

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A.  Depending on how many lashes you have lost and time between replenishes...anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour.
Q.  Can I still wear mascara?
A.  Yes, you can as long as it is oil free.
Q.  How often should I go to have them replenished?
A.  Like your nails, you should go at least once a month. I recommend every 3 weeks, but in saying that I do have clients that come every 2 weeks to keep them looking fuller.